Eagles Soar over Bulldogs in the Fourth

On a HOT night the communities of Frankton and Lapel gathered to watch a High School Football game - and a great game they did watch. A line of 50 people waited just to get through the gates and When they did get in they were to find it was standing room only. Over 300 Eagles and Bulldog fans lined the fence for a chance to watch, and stayed the entire game.

Lapel:  10.  Frankton:  19.

The Bulldogs received the kickoff and started on their 35 yard line.  Three plays later ten yards were lost and they had to punt. The Eagles took over mid-field for their first possession. The first five plays were runs gaining about 14 yards.  On a 3rd and 7 the Eagles had the first pass and gained just enough for a first down. After an offside on Lapel on first down, the Bulldogs created a fumble but could not get the recovery. Two plays later on a miss direction play the Eagles scored on a 22 yard run. On the extra point attempt they lined up with most of the players off to the left of the center. Trying to catch the Bulldogs asleep, with a quick snap and a pass over the center, the ball, receiver, and the defender all met at the same time in the end zone. All three ended on the ground and the extra point was no good. Lapel's next possession started with a twenty yard pass but could not move the ball. After that punt to Frankton was made. Six plays later and and gaining 35 yards ended the fist quarter with the score: Lapel 0 Frankton 6.

The first play of the 2nd quarter was a 4th and 3 for the Eagles and all went wrong for them. The QB mishandled the snap and they were also called for holding. The penalty was denied and Lapel took over on downs at the Bulldog's 22. After three plays Lapel had to punt out. But on third down the QB, Cade Luker, hit his throwing hand on a helmet and was visibly in pain. Luker would not return in the next series. The second play the Bulldogs forced another fumble, and this time they recovered at the 47. First play was a pass for 3 yards, then a pitch and pass that put us with first and goal. Three plays later the Bulldogs scored the first touchdown of the season. The XP kick was good for the first lead of the season. The Eagles had two series of four and out and the Bulldogs had one. On the last play for the Eagles a pass and another fumble covered by Lapel. On third and 10 from the 44 the Bulldogs had a beautiful pass getting down to the 12 yard line. With time running out we kicked a field goal to make the half time score  Lapel 10. Frankton 6.   The joy of the first half was over shadowed by the loss of Kody Boles and Evan Rolston. Kody needed to be taken off the field on a cart. Cade Luker was able to continue to play.

The third quarter saw both teams not able to move the ball and ended Lapel 10. Frankton 6.

Two big plays in the fourth decided this game; A 61 and a 58 yard pass for touchdowns. The Bulldogs from the loss of two starters and the heat, could not move the ball in the fourth. The game ended with Frankton taking a knee on the last three plays. Final score Lapel 10 Frankton 19.

Overall the Bulldogs played a much better game this week and had a chance to win this game but two plays hurt that chance. The defense for the most part played good causing four fumbles and holding the Eagles three times on fourth downs. As a coach you want to see improvement each game, and I think we are seeing that on the defensive side.

Next game. Friday Cardinal Ritter 7pm @ The BULLDOG Field. 

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